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Professional Asphalt Maintenance services. Express Sealcoating is the premier sealcoating company for all of your asphalt needs. We specialize in Sealcoating, Asphalt Repairs, Hot Rubber Crack Filling on Parking lots and Roads, Line Striping and Decorative asphalt designs. We have competed 1000’s of projects all across the greater Chicago area for residential, commercial, and municipal customers during our 40+ years in business. We serve the greater Chicago area for Commercial asphalt maintenance and Residential sealcoating and we constantly strive to bring the best possible workmanship possible while still maintaining competitive pricing for our all of our clients. Each year we service thousands of driveways and hundreds of commercial properties as well. We are able to handle any size job from small driveways to large commercial accounts managing multiple properties. We pride ourselves on our reputation as being the leader in the sealcoating industry and our 1000’s of customers know it too. Our Parking Lot Maintenance Services. Hot Rubber Crack Filling. Hot Rubber Crack filling is a vital part of any Parking Lot maintenance plan to greatly prolong the lifespan of your asphalt especially in cold weather climates areas. Sealcoating. Sealcoating offers many benefits for Asphalt. It protects the surface area from “ravelling” and deterioration from the elements which actually greatly reduces cracking and blacktop failures in the first place.

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