Sector: Hotels
Country: US
State: Oregon
Address: 4999 Biddle Road, OR 97502, Central Point, Oregon, US (View Map)
Phone: 541-664-5888


Super 8 has always had a love for freedom and the open road, believing that everyone should be free to get away to a super destination. For people who share this passion, Super 8's desire is to make this happen. In 1974, Super 8 began this vision with our first hotel in Aberdeen, South Dakota offering rooms for $8.88 per night, making that part of South Dakota available to anyone on the road in need of a place to stay. It was the original 'super' destination. With this modest proposition and a restless spirit, Super 8 set out to find other destinations around the country and make them 'super'. Super 8 had its own great American road trip, and marked each location along the way with a sign. A sign that represented value accommodation. A sign that meant that this destination was available to anyone heading that way. Now in 2009, Super 8 has made over 2000 destinations available for those who choose to travel wisely and who have an unlimited travel spirit. The sign has become a familiar roadside icon, representing the integrity and value at the heart of this 33-year old vision. It's the open road anytime, anywhere. Even when times are busy or difficult and travel seems impossible, you don't have to go far or spend a lot of money to go somewhere super. Just look for the sign.

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