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Get cash today for your used or unwanted jewelry even if it's broken! Don't throw your money away on other cash for gold outfits that don't always pay you for the diamonds and gemstones. Our gemologist trained, professional jewelry buyers pay you for the whole piece, so you get more. Our mission is to help interested jewelry consumers learn about all the intricacies and fascinating aspects of fine jewelry in an effort to find the perfect piece of jewelry for them. Custom design jewelry... the idea conjures up many strange thoughts. We are finding out that many people don't understand the process and how easy it can be to do. Custom design has many misunderstandings. The first one is custom jewelry is always very expensive. No, this is simply not true. Custom jewelry can be very affordable. We have done custom designs that have saved our clients thousands of dollars over designer jewelry. To help over come many of the misunderstanding I am using a question -- answer style of article. This means I will not answer all your question so please call or come in to get a better understanding of custom design jewelry. You can see many of the examples of designs and waxes and final jewelry pieces. The process is very fun and enjoyable. Let start the discussion. House of Faith jewelry specializes in Christian motif jewelry. Jewelry that expresses a personal faith with style is their goal. A few of the styles we have are the personal three stone rings or pendant. Three stone jewelry represents the past, present, and future; House of Faith designers represent the past in sin with a black gem, the present saved by Jesus... blood with a red gem, and the glorified future with a clear gem like diamond. If you are a Christian this ring will look great and open up new conversations to share your faith. You've taken her to her favorite restaurant, the lights are low but her smile is bright enough to light the whole room. There's anticipation in the air. You can see it trying to hide behind her playful eyes as the moment takes shape. Everything feels right; you take the box out of your jacket pocket; her stiffled squeal of excitement is all the assurance you need. Moments like these are rare and beautiful. At Arden Jewelers, helping people realize their own special moments is our passion. If you're looking for that piece of jewelry that will really say how much you care we think you've found the right place. Feel free to browse our catalog, and rest assured that you will find a great deal on beautiful jewelry for any occasion.

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