Sector: Jewelers
Country: US
State: Washington
Address: 1 Bellis Fair Pkwy. Bellis Fair Mall, WA 98226, Bellingham, Washington, US (View Map)
Phone: (360) 527-0156


A third generation family company, Harry Ritchie's Jewelers brings you beautiful jewelry at an affordable price while extending credit to even young romantics since 1956. Everyone loves a great story. There are many different types of stories one can tell-suspenseful dramas, hilarious comedies, exciting thrillers, happy fairy tales, and our personal favorite, love stories. The Harry Ritchie`s story really is a love story. It`s the story about the love of two people, a love of family and a love of making people happy-be that with something shiny or simply a smile. More than five decades later, the Harry Ritchie`s story continues to be written. Harry and Jerry`s children and grandchildren now own and run the company. Whether you visit us in Eugene or any one of our 31 locations across the northwest, you will experience our family values and unrelenting commitment to quality and service. Harry would often say, "My ultimate goal is for people to leave my store with smiles on their faces." As it turns out, he was overwhelmingly successful at accomplishing this goal. Putting a smile on a customer`s face is now the goal of each and every Harry Ritchie`s employee. Harry Ritchie passed away in 2006 at the age of 91. Even in his later years he still stayed active in running the company. He was well respected in the national jewelry community, not just for being a great businessman, but also for his big smile and love of taking care of people. Throughout his career Harry was sought after to lead other large jewelry companies, but he always turned them down. He loved his business. He loved his family. And really, to him, the two were one in the same. Harry Ritchie`s has over 55 years of experience in independent financing. We`ve used that knowledge and customized four Luxury Card types: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Each Luxury Card offers a 90 day early payoff incentive, rebate gift cards and numerous other benefits. Visit one of our locations and our credit experts will do the work for you. It takes minutes to discover which Luxury Card is best for you. A jewelry account with convenient terms and real benefits. We've got it. You've earned it.

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