Sector: Maternity-Babies-Kids
Country: US
State: California
Address: 1227 39th Avenue, CA 94122, San Francisco, California, US (View Map)
Phone: (415) 374-1876


Because of the way the brain develops in a child's early years, children are able to learn foreign languages much more easily at a younger age. From day one, APM Classes are taught using French immersion. Teachers utilize a combination of visual and verbal indicators when speaking, and students begin to understand and speak French right away. The first years in school are vitally important for establishing independent work habits and developing language and social skills. Our program is designed to provide a firm grounding in these areas while encouraging cognitive, emotional and physical growth. Children engaging in teacher-guided play will learn how to follow directions and cooperate, while developing gross and fine motor skills, self control, confidence and self-esteem.

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