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State: New York
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About the girl behind the camera. I have always had a deep desire to see into the past. I have collected as much genealogical records that I can find from both sides of my family, and cherished the photographs that show my grandfather as a baby on the lap of a woman I never met. I love looking at the pictures of my family when I was a baby, or even from before I was born, and seeing my mom and dad in ways I never remembered them. Photographs allow me that glimpse into my past - even the past I don't remember. I am a storyteller, a historian and a dreamer. I love to imagine what life was like 200 years ago. I love to make up stories for the ancestors I never knew. I imagine what kind of jokes they would have laughed at, what their favorite dinner was, and what they liked to think about when they sat down to rest at night. And all of those things I love to do are combined together in this love that I have for creating images, capturing truth, and watching lives well lived.

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