Sector: Photography and Video
Country: US
State: Washington
Address: Seattle, WA 98056, Seattle, Washington, US (View Map)
Phone: 206.486.2151


Creative Seattle Wedding Photographer. Specialties: Creative Lighting Expert for Weddings, Engagements & Portraits. The Style: I don`t have true label to the way I shoot photos. I just try to catch the special moments and find something in the environment that looks interesting to incorporate into the shot. It could be windy staircase or some random lamp on the street. The technique is a combination of photojournalism, strobism, and all around creativity. I call it the Sriracha of Wedding Photography. The photos are spicy and I don`t advertise. I just want to let the legend of the photos I take grow with each wedding. Who am I: I`m happily married with an awesome a supportive wife and baby boy who seems to be the most popular kid no matter where we go in the world. I can already see lots of traits in him that I had as a baby. He will eventually be my assistant one day. I love to garden. I like the idea of making something from nothing. Perhaps it`s the inventor in me. If I didn`t have photography to keep me busy, I would most likely be throwing clay pots or creating images out of nails. Doesn`t matter what medium I just need a creative outlet.

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