Sector: Photography and Video
Country: US
State: New Jersey
Address: 104 Harvey Jones Drive, NJ 08527, Jackson, New Jersey, US (View Map)
Phone: (732) 928-2493


A boutique creative fine art, portrait, and wedding photography studio specializing in photojournalistic photography uniquely designed to capture the mood, emotion, and personal style of our clients. Working with select clientèle Briteyes & Chrome takes moments and creates memories, captures memories and turns them into art, for a distinctive way to set yourself apart from the crowd, a view of art and images. The same creative eye that sets our photography apart from the masses is the center point of our creative marketing, business, personal, and commercial graphic design services. Briteyes & Chrome works to incorporate our clients style into every work product and set it apart from the competition, placing our clients in the customers eye. Wedding Photography. There are many options regarding service and product selection. Briteyes & Chrome is focused on personalized and customized client service so that you are satisfied as an individual/couple and not just another "package". We focus on service not sales. We strive to deliver high quality service and higher quality products. Our business and reputation depends on it. So we expect that you can depend on us. Briteyes & Chrome specializes in creative day-in-the-life photojournalistic style photography and companion coffee table wedding books that are design exclusively by Briteyes & Chrome creatives Mike and Laura, and hand crafted in Italy. Whether it be groups, individuals, families, models, or corporate clients we deliver creative high quality portraits to exceed your needs.

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