Sector: Photography and Video
Country: US
State: Illinois
Address: 2555 East Lincoln Highway, IL 60451, New Lenox, Illinois, US (View Map)
Phone: (815) 485-4802
Fax: 815.676.5227


We hope that you enjoy the images and find the answers to your questions. We are excited to announce that we are officially moved in to our Brand New Location that we have designed to provide you with the ultimate photographic portrait experience. Along with our new studio we are currently offering many specials which we hope you will find desirable. Wedding PlansPhoto CoverageWe believe that the most important thing we could do for any bride and groom is to capture the images of their day as candidly as possible.Photojournalistic, editorial, call it what you would like. We make your day go as smooth as possible and almost become a part of your bridal party. We will cover the events of your wedding day from the bride at home, to the church, and to the reception. Alternative locations such as parks, forest preserve, etc., are always favored. My PhilosophyAfter many years of being in the portrait and wedding business, my vision of weddings is inspired by a candid style of photography. Weddings are not about looking at the camera for every photo. It is about the moments which are taking place: the greetings at the door, the dress hanging from the towel rack, the moment the bride opens a surprise gift, the hugs, the kisses, and the tears. The groom watching the bride from a distance... Dad reaching out for Mom's hand as a tear drops during the first dance. They are the unscripted moments that make the day special. My work ethic is very personal, relaxed, fun, and ambitious. I always find new creativeness at each event.

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