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We are Atlanta wedding photographers, but also travel all over for amazing weddings! We also believe that weddings are about two awesome people, love, and commitment... nothing else. We classify our style and approach as documentary editorial wedding photography. What exactly does that mean? You might have heard terms like photojournalistic or candid wedding photography, which is essentially what we do. Basically, we are storytellers. We strive to capture all of the elements of your wedding day. From the smallest details, like the notes you exchange with your loved one, to the tears of joy as you see them for the first time, all the way up to the excitement during your reception. It’s all documented one photograph at a time to tell a complete story. When it comes to your wedding, we take a very hands-off approach and simply document the moments and emotions of the story as they unfold naturally. We like to be amongst the action, but stay unobtrusive, as if we are guests at your wedding. Because of our documentary style, we typically do not do too many traditional type family portraits. We appreciate that some couples would like some formal photography, but we strongly encourage our clients to limit them. This gives us more time to explore your wedding day and stay focused on telling the story naturally.

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