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Country: US
State: Georgia
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Our goal is to deliver our clients the special moments they may not have noticed, but will always remember. Like most, Keith began using cameras as a young kid snapping away at whatever he thought was interesting. Chasing the family dog around the house, taking photos of his toys, anything really. From there it evolved into capturing moments with his friends in high school. A few years later the scenery in his photographs changed drastically from wall lockers and pep-rallies, to military fatigues and rifle ranges. Still, at that point photography was nothing serious to Keith. It wasn't until he was working as a law enforcement officer and heard positive feedback on a crime scene photo that he began taking pride in his photography. It was at that time that Keith became interested in photography as a skill. After his father`s passing, Keith inherited his father`s Nikon camera with an assortment of lenses and flashes he had been accumulating over his last four years. It was then that Keith took the plunge and began learning and absorbing everything he possibly could on the subject of photography. When he noticed his wife Noelle's growing interest in photography he surprised her with a Nikon DSLR of her own for her birthday so that they could both learn photography together!! Since then the two have been actively engaged in an exciting journey into the world of photography. Within a few short years, the two have worked together upgrading their skills as well as their equipment, and out of their pure excitement and enthusiasm for capturing genuine happiness, have established Photo Drop Weddings!

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