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A 1031 Exchange is also known as a Like Kind Exchange or Tax Deferred Exchange. A 1031 Exchange is a way of structuring the sale of certain kinds of investment property so that the capital gains tax on a seller`s profit or gain is deferred. Instead of selling the property for cash and paying tax on the proceeds, the property that is sold is replaced with another "like kind" property. If the transaction is properly structured, the seller`s profit or gain is deferred to a future date. As per IRS rules, performing an exchange requires the services of a Qualified Intermediary. For more information on 1031 Exchange services, click here to contact 1031 Exchange Place. Tenants-In-Common (TIC) Property. An alternative to sole ownership of real estate is an investment in the fractional ownership of a property. This form of ownership is known as tenants-in-common (TIC) or co-tenancy. A TIC replacement property enables the average investor to participate in the ownership of high-quality institutional-grade real estate with a minimum amount of investment dollars. Each co-owner receives their own deed and enjoys the same rights as a sole owner. Investing in a TIC exchange property can provide secure monthly income, stability, and appreciation, without the management burden. 1031 Exchange Place and its affiliates provide a clearinghouse of TIC exchange properties, so please consider us as your single source for TIC replacement property.

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