Sector: Real Estate
Country: US
State: Florida
Address: 4260 Se Federal Highway, FL 34997, Stuart, Florida, US (View Map)
Phone: 8554555263


This is who we are... and this is what we do: We`re a real estate attorney (Zach) and a real estate broker (Catherine) who came together to fill a void in the real estate market. Living on the East Coast of Florida with family on Eastern Long Island, NY, we have seen recreational land dry up. We`ve seen parks replace woods, and condos replace parks. We saw the development of the East Coast, so we headed into the woods and found that they`re not that far away. We found that you can own our own land, where you can do what you want to do (hunt, fish, shoot, 4wheel, camp, etc...). We have acquired these properties ideal for recreational uses, and we`d like to match you up with the land that fits your needs. Want a camping lot? How about a lot with game trails running through it? Maybe you want a lot to build a cabin out in the woods. With hundreds of lots to choose from, we`ll find your ideal property for your family to call their own for generations to come. This is who we are... and land is what we do: We are a team of Lumberjacks and Lumberjills who believe in owning a piece of dirt you and your family can call your own. We`ve watched rural residential, hunting and recreational land dry up on the coast, so we headed into the woods, which are a lot closer than you think. Within an hour of your home, you can hunt, fish, shoot, 4-wheel, camp or build on your own piece of land. We acquire these properties ideal for recreational or rural residential uses, in order to provide our customers with a large selection of properties to choose from, that fit their specific uses. Looking to get those 4Wheelers muddy again?. Looking to shoot an 8 pointer?. Looking to take the family camping on the weekends?. Looking to build a home where you can`t see your neighbors?.

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