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State: Connecticut
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As both a real estate agent, and a home buyer, I've found that the amount of useful real estate information currently available on the Internet is severely lacking. As a result, I have set out to develop Connecticut Houses as means for potential home owners and sellers to do business and access meaningful information online. I also want Connecticut Houses to be a resource for information not currently available in many real estate websites. Resources such as my Area Information section that provides a detailed profile of each city or town available, local School Information with current national ratings, Parks & Recreation for information on the arts, theaters, golf courses, and other places of interest. As well as a resource of useful information on buying and selling a house, and dos and don'ts in real estate. Connecticut Houses is meant to be a shortcut for home buyers and sellers. A means of accessing a plethora of information and enjoying the beauty of each house available for sale, all with the convenience of the Internet from the comfort of your home. Please enjoy, and if you have any comments or inquiries, feel free to me or call me

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