Sector: Real Estate
Country: US
State: Connecticut
Address: 140 Bassett Street, 06051, New Britain, Connecticut, US (View Map)
Phone: (860) 229-1227


When Cornelius Erwin died in 1885, his will provided for purchasing land and building a home for - as his will says - worthy women of limited means.The Erwin home was to be administered by South Church of New Britain, and residents would have individual apartments where they lived independently and provided for themselves, but were relieved of heavy financial burden. Major expansions in 1971 and 1973 brought the Erwin to 65 individual apartments, and recent expansion to the buildings across what was Warlock Street have added an additional 00 duplex apartments intended for women with families. Today, South Church continues to manage the Erwin Home - as it has since 1892 - with a commitment to the privacy, comfort and security of its residents, not as a money-making proposition.

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