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Country: US
State: Alabama
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Phone: 205-871-1181 / 855-252-8268


Alabama Valuation Services for Divorce, Bankruptcy, Tax Appeals, Estate & Probate, Insurance Settlements, FHA Mortgages, Expert Witness, Help for buyers & sellers. When advising homeowners about investing in their real estate, the local market trends weigh heavily in my advice. It is not always a good idea to spend money enhancing a property that is located in a declining market. That is not to say that routine maintenance and upkeep is not essential to preserving value, however, it does mean that over spending on remodeling and high end updates may not bring a return on investment. On a case by case basis, I inspect properties, then analyze available market data. Only after taking those steps can I render an opinion that would be useful to a client. I encourage homeowners to contact me for an appraisal before investing in remodeling their homes. A small appraisal fee is good insurance against suffering a loss later on. If you have a question about investing in your home, please email me at and I will answer it in this column.

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