Sector: Vehicle Rental
Country: US
State: Missouri
Address: 1939 Wentzville Pkwy Suite 339, MO 63385, Wentzville, Missouri, US (View Map)
Phone: (314) 731-5466


Prefect Touch Limousine was started in 1992 by two ladies named Jackie and Joan; they went out and bought 2 used Limousines, one white 1988 10 passenger and 1 1988 Black 6 passenger. The new start up business was given to a husband and wife team by the name of David and Melissa. They ran the business for the first year and as in any new business struggled to stay alive. Joan and Jackie decided to make a move and give it to another couple, a brother and sister team by the name of Jeff and Julie who ran the company for 4-5 years and bought a few more Limos. This is about the time the business really started taking off. In 1998 Julie had to leave the company when her husband was seeking a job in Nebraska, his home town. At this point Jeff's wife Karen stepped into Julie's position and took over her daily duties. Julie did end up coming back to the company in 2003 until 2005.

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