Sector: Vehicle Rental
Country: US
State: Alabama
Address: 2504 Rileys Passage Southeast, AL 35803, Huntsville, Alabama, US (View Map)
Phone: (256) 289-5651


Cassy Limousine service LLC is a Locally owned & operated small business! We've been serving North Alabama with quality, dependable limousine service since 2004. CLS is Huntsville's largest limousine service provider, giving you the widest selection of quality vehicles. We own and operate six limousines for all of your limousine transportation needs, including four classic stretch Lincoln Town Car Limousines and two Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) limousines (See Below). In addition, we store all of our limousines Indoors, out of the sun, rain, and other adverse weather, so they show up looking nice. You can even come see what you are getting BEFORE it shows up, and pick out the limo of your choice among our six limousines. Know what you are getting before you rent.

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