Sector: Vehicle Rental
Country: US
State: Missouri
Address: , MO 64086, Lees Summit, Missouri, US (View Map)
Phone: (816) 668-3064


Kansas City Remote Crawlers (KCRC) was started in early 2007 by Jerry Justice (ZORLAC), Scott Owen (rockmonkey) and Matt Dankenbring (muddauber7) who shared a common interest in RC Crawling. Thanks to the popularity of the RC Crawler website, Jerry, Scott and Matt met and decided to hook up for their first get together (GTG) in Raytown Missouri. The club was discussed at this early meeting and the first order of business was to try attract more people in the area into joining them for some great crawling in the local Kansas City area. Not too long after the first initial gatherings a strong base of 4 or 5 dedicated guys and girls were getting togehter on a regular basis, visiting many of the crawl spots we still compete at today. During the late months of 2007, Jerry came up with a great idea: Hosting a competition for 2.2 class vehicles at one of the local racing facilites. Thus the Midwest Challenge was born.

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