Sector: Restaurants
Country: US
State: Illinois
Address: 330 North State Street, IL 60654, Chicago, Illinois, US (View Map)
Phone: (312) 644-0300


Welcome to 10pin: We're Glad You're Here. 10pin is a favorite destination for young and old, singles and families. If you're looking for a good time, you're in the right place! 10Pin Features an all-New Lunch and Dinner Menu. 10pin has taken america's favorite participation sport to a new level, and under the guidance of 10pin's chef, has taken many of america's favorite foods right along with it. The menu features gourmet pizzas, mac 'n cheese with wisconsin smoked cheddar, mini cheeseburger trio and other american favorites gone upscale. the familiar yet innovative menu concludes with, among other tempting desserts, fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies served with a shot of milk and a classic childhood favorite s'mores. all of the offerings are served in small plate portions, designed to encourage sampling and sharing. the martini list also reflects this upscale take on american classics, including the chocolate chip cookie and our signature martini - the 10pintini, made with Smirnoff® Rasberry and pomegranate juice. 10pin: The Ultimate Venue to Host Your Next Event. From the Martini Lounge to the Five-Star Restaurant, 10Pin offers everything you need for a successful gathering. Located adjacent to the house of blues, the 20,000 square foot bowling lounge offers 24 state-of-the-art lanes topped by eight theatre size screens, which feature current sporting events and a rotating selection of music videos from our library of over 15,000. the library is updated on a monthly basis, ensuring that the latest videos are always available. the music video system at 10pin includes a revolutionary video jukebox, which allows guests to select and play their favorite music videos at the touch of a button. the screens can also be customized with personal messages, videos and power point presentations.

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