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Country: US
State: Colorado
Address: 4490 Peoria St, CO 80239, Denver, Colorado, US (View Map)
Phone: (720) 374-9001


Ajuua! is an ultimate expression of cheerful celebration, for somebody winning, a friendly encounter, or maybe for "tipsiness" in a big Mexican Fiesta! Ajuua was made famous by Mexico's best old theater performers and has been instilled in all of Mexico's pueblos since. Ajuua! was the name chosen for this restaurant because it reflects the friendly environment the Garcia family would like you to feel when visiting. It is for this reason that it would give the Garcia family great joy for all of its customers to join in their cheerful jubilee and shout......Ajuua! The Garcia's, the founding family of Ajuua, have a vast background in Mexican cuisine. Having worked in several other establishments early on, father and son Liberato and Ricardo Garcia developed a vision of bringing the true flavor of Mexico to the table. With that Ajuua was born, with the intent of bringing you the most genuine and accurate representation of Mexican cuisine. Ajuua has since expanded but has stayed within the family, never losing sight of the goal. Cutting no corners and remaining true to it's roots, Ajuua promises to bring Mexico to you. Se habla Espanol-Español-Spanish.

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