Sector: Restaurants
Country: US
State: Illinois
Address: 612 N Wells, IL 60654, Chicago, Illinois, US (View Map)
Phone: 312-280-9200


Carryout & Catering. In 1977 Carson's changed the concept of carryout food. Face it, a carryout came in brown, usually greasy, paper bags and it was what you ate only in desperation. Lucky for us, our founder was a visionary. He saw the need for great food in safe and sophisticated packaging. Consequently, we are experts in the business of food "To Go." When you take Carson's home, or anywhere else, you enjoy dishes that retain their integrity - something quite rare in our industry. Our legendary ribs are smoked for hours in a wood-burning pit. No Boiling, No marinade, No dry rubs or chemical tenderizers, No liquid smoke, Not "fall-off-the-bone. Real, authentic, natural slow cooked barbecue. I'm just as proud of our personal customer service. My name is not just over the front door, my personal email and cell phone number is on every menu and every overnight package. I invite you to join millions of satisfied customers.

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