Sector: Restaurants
Country: US
State: New Mexico
Address: 2604 N Prince Street, NM 88101, Clovis, New Mexico, US (View Map)
Phone: (575) 762-2233
Fax: (575) 762-1521


More than 20 years ago, two energetic guys, Larry Marshall and Mike Patranella, rolled up their sleeves, worked long hours and created a restaurant like no other. The idea behind that first Cotton Patch Cafe in Nacogdoches was to create a community restaurant that offered great food made from scratch, served by caring folks who are part of your community. But it wasn't easy. "We worked up to 80 hours a week," Mike remembers. "Everything we did, we put together ourselves. We changed recipes every day. If a customer said there was too much salt, then the next day, there'd be less salt. The customer's vote is the only one that counts." As the Cotton Patch Cafe reputation grew, more restaurants opened. Each fostered pride in its community. That became part of the Cotton Patch Cafe culture. Cotton Patch Cafe donates to hundreds of wonderful charities and causes every year. "We want to help make each community better," Larry says. That recipe works. Today Cotton Patch has 41 locations in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. "Our culture is to give," Larry says. "Cotton Patch isn't only about food. We help people live better lives."

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