Sector: Shoes and Accessories
Country: US
State: Georgia
Address: 2615 George Busbee Parkway #55, Town Oaks Shopping Center, GA 30144, Kennesaw, Georgia, US (View Map)
Phone: 770-423-0405


This website is not a giant computer operating an automated warehouse. It is a handful of regular shoe folks who love turning our customers on to cool shoes! We focus on providing person-to-person service and the world`s most comfortable footwear. Our Story is all about discovering, evolving and achieving our mission: to be Atlanta`s Premier Source for Innovative Comfort Footwear. It is a story about people: the people who make up our little home-grown company, and the people who make up the broad array of customers we serve. It is a story flavored with the passion for footwear our people share with our customers. A story with a plot that changes with each new person we hire, and each new customer we earn. Our Mission succinctly states what business we are in, and more importantly, the principles that guide how we do business. I`m Abbadabba. Our Story is about our passion for providing people footwear that makes sense, done through a business organization grounded in principles of fairness and genuine concern for our customers and each other.

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