Sector: Shoes and Accessories
Country: US
State: Washington
Address: 226 E Main Street, WA 98002, Auburn, Washington, US (View Map)
Phone: (253) 833-2750
Fax: (253) 939-9514


At Rottles, we provide the largest selection of quality men's suits, sports coats and business attire in the Auburn Valley. All work and no play would make us a boring place to shop, so, if you are looking for something a little more casual, we've got that too. Our Young Men's Department is jam packed with the most up-to-date styles for kick'n around town or just kick'n around the house. Tuxedo Rentals - We have a large selection of tuxedo's to rent for that special occasion. If you find that the number of formal affairs you attend warrants you own tux, we can help there too. We feature some of today's best known brands and at competitive prices... you'll find it here, at a price you can afford. When you visit the store, you'll see the wide selection of name-brands we carry...And, you'll find all the sizes you want - including petite, missy, or pretty-n-plus. Casual, contemporary career, to elegant evening attire - we have all the latest styles that you'll love. You'll also find a full range of underclothing, designed with you in mind. Elegant and stylish, with comfort in mind. For women, we carry a full range of shoes - from sneakers to pumps; sling-backs to sandals ...Wide selection in sizes, styles and colors to match your every need. No matter what size; no matter what style - when it comes to comfortable footwear we've got something for everyone. We carry a full range of attractive and comfortable shoes - including sneakers and dress shoes. Wide range of sizes in dress shoes, athletic wear, and work boots for men.

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