Sector: Shoes and Accessories
Country: US
State: Hawaii
Address: 1450 Ala Moana Blvd., HI 96814, Honolulu, Hawaii, US (View Map)
Phone: 808-973-4000


Since the early 60`s, Crazy Shirts has seen the islands change from sleepy to sleek, to isolated and up-to-date. Our little company has grown from one grass shack in Waikiki to a diverse group of 41 unique shops that span the globe. You can find our original T-shirts in your favorite vacation getaways from Hawaii to Florida, in our catalog store and on the World Wide Web. Like the sport of surfing, the popularity of Crazy Shirts has increased over the years. In the early 70`s, our shirts became available by mail order and offered shipping from Hawaii via airmail for an extra 35 cents. Full-page color ads appeared in national magazines like "Surfing" and featured Hawaii guys and girls wearing our most popular designs. More than just a summer fad, Crazy Shirts has ridden the wave of success for over 40 years. We continue to honor our island roots as we reach out to new markets around the world. Today you'll still find our flagship store anchoring International Market Place. We're making new friends everywhere we go whether it`s in Hawaii or across the Mainland in Las Vegas, California, South Carolina or Florida. The decades may have passed, but our quest for quality has never changed. Famous for original designs and the warm spirit of aloha, Crazy Shirts keeps making new friends year after year. Our eagerness to explore innovative new dye processes have kept our company ahead of the wave while our loyal customers keep us looking toward the future. We're proud to produce T-shirts and casual wear with aloha. It's not just fashion - it's a cool way of life.

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