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While people always have the wonderful option of choosing anyone to put together a trip, be it a two-week luxurious vacation or simply a flight for a day-long business conference, consultants offer the dynamic edge of being hired by their clients with the intent of getting the personal analysis of someone who has often gone over their specific needs tirelessly until he or she feels those needs have been met. We consider everything from departure and arrival times, weather, airline, hotel, and everything else to ensure that the client will enjoy and make the best out of their trip. Our thorough analysis ensures the best prices. We work independently of airlines, cruise lines, or any other large travel conglomerate, as we feel this would be a disservice to our clients because it would only drive up costs. We work with our clients from the moment they present with any travel need often until the very minute of their departure, ensuring a smooth, seamless process for something that could otherwise could be very stressful. Westchester Chappaqua, NY 10514 Phone: (518) 788-5671

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