Sector: Wedding Menswear
Country: US
State: New York
Address: 184 Park Avenue, NY 11701, Amityville, New York, US (View Map)
Phone: (631) 264-2916


Thank you for visiting Amityville Men's Shop. We hope we can one day help you with all of your wardrobe needs-from casual wear to formalwear. Make sure to check out the contact us page so that we may answer any questions personally. The Amityville Men's Shop was founded in 1911. A Seville Row custom tailor trained the founder in London. After finishing his apprenticeship, he arrived in New York and began his own shop. Three generations later, we are still providing our customers with the same old world tailoring skills and quality clothing. As the decades have passed, we have grown from a simple tailor shop to being able to provide a full line of products, ranging from denim to the latest in men's casual wear. We strive to show the newest and most innovative fashions, while keeping to our original goal of classic design and European tailoring. Our expertise in tailoring extends easily into our formalwear department. In 1923, at the start of the "Roaring Twenties", we became the first establishment to introduce the concept of renting "formal suits" on Long Island. We can satisfy any requirements for any event that calls for formalwear. Every season we update our already extensive collection of the latest offerings from the best brands in formalwear. We are able to provide the ideal outfit for the couple that is planning a destination wedding sometime in 2007. We can help on any occasion when traditional tuxedos just won't do. A cotton suit exudes the tropical theme that you'll want.

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