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Wedding & Formal Wear . Wigs & Hair . Beauty Products. How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress Style for Your Body Type. Everyone thinks they know how to choose a wedding gown. What most women don`t realize is fabrics, style and measurements can influence the style of wedding dress that best complements a particular body type. This article will help you choose the right wedding dress style for your own body shape. The Hourglass Figured Bride. If your bust and hips are approximately the same measurement (within an inch or two) and your waist is smaller than either of these by at least a four inches (the more the better though) then you are an hourglass shape. This classic old-hollywood shape (think Marilyn Monroe) can wear any style of dress as most styles are flattering. The mermaid though will really highlight your curves and you`ll even be able to pull off a sheath. The Full-Figured Bride. If you`re a full-figured woman, the best silhouette is the A-line style. A-line style lengthens the whole body without drawing attention to your waistline. The empire waist is another good choice. The empire is narrowest just below the bust, which conceals your waist and hips. Many plus-sized girls tend to purchase wedding gowns that cover a lot of skin. If religion isn`t an issue, don`t be afraid to show some skin. Skin is sexy, and showing your arms and neckline can often make you appear slimmer. Deep V-necks and scoop necks flatter curvy figures, and always look best on full-figured women. Button Your Jacket! During a fitting, make sure you button your jacket. If it produces an hour glass shape, the coat may be too tight. If it looks 'boxy,' it may be too big. No matter whether you are slim, stocky or muscular, a properly fitted jacket will taper slightly at the waist The Pant Leg Should Break Where? The perfect length pant leg breaks slightly on top of the shoe and angles a bit downward. To properly judge the fit of your trousers, you should wear your formal shoes when trying on your pants. Your Trousers' Waistband... Our formal trousers come with an adjustable waist band of three inches. Fear not, your pants won't be too tight! With the adjustable waist band, you'll have some flexibility and a comfortable fit. On a properly fitted pair of formal trousers, the waistband should be even with the gentleman's navel.

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