Sector: Wedding Menswear
Country: US
State: New York
Address: 110 West 20th Street, Between 6th and 7th Avenues, NY 10011, New York, New York, US (View Map)
Phone: 646.633.4300


For more than 60 years, brides have learned that the magic of Kleinfeld lies not just in our most magnificent store; not just in our offering the largest and finest selection of designer wedding gowns in the world; but the magic lies in the hearts of the most professional staff anywhere…a staff dedicated to perform your every wish. This is the world of Kleinfeld for generations. Why does Kleinfeld sell more designer bridal gowns than any other store on earth? You are one of a kind... and so are we. Our professional bridal consultants understand your individuality "with listening ears, a keen sense of style, and a vision of perfection" they will guide you to your perfect only by your imagination. We travel the world twice a year... to bring you the latest European bridal gowns which can only be seen in the United States at Kleinfeld... No passport or travel expenses required! Every day is like a trunk show at Kleinfeld. We carry the largest selection of bridal gowns from each of the top American and European bridal designers... So you don`t need to wait for a trunk show to find your dream gown. Our service is unsurpassed with nearly 200 dedicated professionals, including on-site stylists and bridal consultants, and custom fitters, sewers, beaders, embroiderers and pressers. Your gown will receive more than 30 hours of personal attention that goes into sculpting it to your body. Kleinfeld is with you every step of the way, from the day you purchase your dress through the day you wear it. The owners of Kleinfeld give each bride their private home phone number in case a bride needs special attention when the store is closed. We have been assisting brides with their gowns in Brooklyn since 1941 and we will continue this great tradition in Manhattan! Hand sewn, contoured and made to fit like a second skin, whether a suit or a shirt, they are much more resilient and natural looking than anything that can possibly be made by a machine. The key word is individuality. Made especially for you and no one else.

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