Sector: Wedding Menswear
Country: US
State: Michigan
Address: , Michigan, US (View Map)


The Kostume Room was created back in 1993 as a Michigan family owned Costume retail store. It all began with two sisters and their mother. Tammy, the youngest, always sewed the Halloween costumes for her son and daughter and, as you can imagine, accumulated many costumes through the years as kids these days never wanted to be the same thing twice. Gayle, who has one daughter, always received the costumes when Tammy's children outgrew them. Finally, after Gayle sewed a few costumes her self they ran out of closet space. Tammy and Gayle decided to put an advertisement in the local newspaper to sell the excess costumes. Tammy's husband was unsure that they would be able to sell them that way. Well the phone rang off the hook and boy was her husband surprised. That is how the girls made over selling the first few costumes and became their seed money for a business they had been talking about for years. 835 36th Street Southwest, Wyoming MI 49509 Phone: (866) 5678863

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