Sector: Wedding Menswear
Country: US
State: California
Address: 15415 Jefferey Rd Suite 110, Irvine Village Center, CA 92618, Irvine, California, US (View Map)
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Alterations. Our many years of experience allows us to confidentially. Say that we can handle any types of alterations. Lost Weight? Need to refit into your favorite clothes. No Problem! This is one of the most common services we offer. Alteration Services Include: Hemming. Refitting & Resizing. Re weaving. Repair. Customizing. Come in for a free estimate to see how much it will cost. Repairs. Have a favorite damaged irreplaceable item? Bring it in. We offer many great services to restore and salvage your priceless items. Zipper repairs, button repairs, re weaving, holes, Loose threads, Don`t Throw away your favorite items, bring them in to be fixed as if it were brand new. Custom Services. There is nothing we can`t handle! From Wall Drapes, to Custom Pillows, we handle all types of unique requests. Some of the unique requests that we have been able to accommodate include: Custom Window Drapes. Custom Exterior Curtains. Custom Sofa Covers. Custom comforter sets. Custom Injury Support. Custom Baby`s crib accessories. Custom Conservative Dresses. Custom Wedding Dress, and Decorations. Custom Fit Electronic dust protecting covers. Help us add to this list with your custom requests. Are you a designer? Bring your Idea By, and we'll make it possible. Suits/Tuxedos. Choose from our many different styles of fine imported Italian suits. We offer affordable high quality suits at fraction of the cost. Custom Italian Suits: Would you appreciate a suit custom tailored to your specifications and exact measurements? Well allow our Master Tailor help you obtain your custom fitted fine Italian suit. 3 Easy steps to obtain your custom fitted suit: Visit our Master Tailor to choose your preferred material and color. Get body measurements. Final touch up and fitting. Already have a suit, but it doesn`t fit? Bring it by, we will have it fitted for you. Weddings. Planning on getting married, or already in the works? First off Congratulations! Having your wedding exactly the way you want it is probably the most important aspects of getting married, and here at Le Papillon Tailoring, we can appreciate that! Can`t find your Wedding Dress, or Bridesmaid dress/s? Don`t you worry, Visit our tailor and discuss and sketch your ideal dream wedding dress or bridesmaid dress. Choose your desired fabric texture, color, and material. Allow a good amount of time for the Master Tailor to custom create your dream wedding dress. Dressmaking. Cant find the dress you dream of? Its because it doesn`t exist. Here at Le Papillon our master tailor has over 20 years of experience in custom dress making and design. It takes 3 easy steps to create the dress of your dreams. 1. Come in and sketch your design with the tailor and get measured. 2. Choose a type of fabric or let our master tailor make some recommendations. 3. Finally you will have your custom very own dream dress. We master in any type of dress: Evening Dresses. Casual dresses. Summer Dresses. Wedding Dresses. Conservative Dresses. Prom dresses. And many more...

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