Sector: Bridalwear
Country: US
State: Florida
Address: 3679 Wellington Lane, FL 33830, Bartow, Florida, US (View Map)
Phone: (863) 667-8456


King's Court Gowns, LLC, was founded as an in-home business in response to today's economic climate. The owner, DeeDee Jones, wanted to open a small business, but found the overhead and operating costs of running a retail store went against the very thing she was trying to accomplish. To offer these beautiful gowns at a price affordable enough for the average consumer, she was going to have to create a new business plan. Starting a home-based business seemed the best way to avoid the normal operating costs of business, while still maintaining the overall idea of the business she had in mind. Not needing to pay for a rental space, on-site utilities such as phone and internet, sky rocketing credit card machine rates, etc., allows her to offer the merchandise at a much lower cost than other stores. The idea evolved from a desire to offer beautiful ball gowns that every woman could enjoy and afford. Department stores offer very little selection, sell too many of the same gown and don't offer a large variety of sizes. Boutiques have more selection and sizes, but their prices are so high that the average customer can't afford to shop there. Both, offer only off-the-rack choices to women who may not be of average height or size. King's Court Gowns caters to all women who want to feel like a princess for a day.

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