Sector: Bridalwear
Country: US
State: New Mexico
Address: 227 East Palace Ave, NM 87501, Santa Fe, New Mexico, US (View Map)
Phone: 505-982-5402


To walk into Lily Falk's Palace Avenue dress shop, Lily of the West, is to enter into a world of silk: long, satiny silk charmeuse gowns with delicate, floral designs; brightly colored dresses with layers of sheer chiffon; suits of thick velvet crepe with stunning leaf-life patterns. As the designer sits in her miniature-sized shop, wearing a bias-cut dress of her own design (in which she and her petite figure look totally stunning, by the way, though she insists the cut is flattering for all shapes), Lily talks about why it is that she works primarily in silks. And it's clear that her reason explains not just her choice of fabrics but what draws her to fashion in the first place: It's all about the way the clothes move. Lily isn't concerned so much with the way that the clothing looks on the mannequins or in the photos, but the way it drapes on a woman's body, the way the clothing lives in the world. "You have to realize there's movement," she says. "It's not only what looks good standing still, but when they're moving around." The vibrancy of the colors is also extremely important to Lily, which a quick glance around the shop makes evident. Her palette is broad and rich: bright reds and deep maroons, emerald greens and mustard yellows, chocolate browns and rich purples. Her signature dress-the one featured on the shop's postcard and on the homepage of her website-features a bouquet of color. A positively exquisite off-the-shoulder gown with ruching down the center and a long train, the fabric has a dense floral pattern with varying shades of yellows, reds, pinks, blues, and greens. Lily describes her designs as romantic, classic, elegant, and timeless, adding that many of her clients have been wearing the same looks for 10 to 20 years. Contact Lily of the West to schedule an appointment.

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