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Address: 8081L Tyson's Corner Center, McLean, Virginia, US

This bussines is in our directory: Fashion and Boutiques, US, Virginia

Advertise: In 1999, women`s workout wear was well overdue for a makeover: by the end of the eighties, leotards and legwarmers had given way to baggy shorts and ill-fitting college t-shirts. Why, we wondered, would a fashionable and put-together woman dress for the gym like she`s going to a ninth grade PE class-for boys? Didn`t a store exist that sold a wide array of attractive and athletic apparel for active women in a fun, friendly shopping environment? We discovered there was no such thing. So we decided to change that. Lucy Activewear® was founded in 1999 in Portland, Oregon by a group of like-minded women who felt that workout wear should not only support your athletic pursuits, but should be stylish and flattering, too. All of our styles are designed and developed by women who do the activities we design for: yoga, running, training, exploring the outdoors, and traveling to your favorite destination. And that`s just scratching the surface: on our team we also have marathoners, triathletes, swimmers, tennis players, golfers, rock climbers, dancers, weight lifters, Pilates enthusiasts and even martial arts experts. We`re a passionate group, and our mission is to make clothes that fit and flatter you, your life, and your passion. What do we believe. At Lucy, we`re passionate about performance, and believe that every passion starts with a spark. It`s the kind you can`t ignore, illuminating every aspect of your life: your family, your friends, your career, your community, and your sport. We`re here to shine a light on that spark-fitting, since Lucy comes from lux, the Latin word for "light". So you know that little light you have inside? Fire it up. Ignite it. Let it shine. Because you`re lucy. We are all Lucy.

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