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This is the location map for: CAMP NORTH STAR - OVERNIGHT SLEEPAWAY (POLAND)

Address: 200 Verrill Rd, Poland, Maine, US

This bussines is in our directory: Vacation Accommodation/Leisure, US, Maine

Advertise: Why is Camp North Star the Best Summer Camp in Maine? The Benefits Of Our Sleep Away Camp At Camp North Star. Most parents are concerned about what their children will be doing during the summer. They want them to have fun, make friends, and learn new skills. These are all reasons why parents choose Camp North Star and return summer after summer. There are many benefits to sending your child to our Maine sleep away camp. These are the most important ones that will have a positive impact on your child. Building Social Skills And Friendships. Summer camp provides the perfect environment for children to build their social skills and make new friends. Going to a new camp is a crash course in how to meet new people and get along with campers from different backgrounds. Children are also more likely to take social risks when at camp because they are all in a new environment. Our Maine summer camp encourages collaboration and teamwork which promotes the personal growth of each camper. Learning and building these skills will help your child's confidence and their ability to handle social situations in the future. Developing Confidence And Resiliency. When your child is at our sleep away camp, they will be encouraged to go outside of their comfort zone. Our sleep away camp in Maine achieves this goal through activities that emphasize 21st-century life skills - collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. By supporting children to step out of their comfort zone, our New England sleepaway camp will help them gain confidence when faced with new situations in life. Summer camp also teaches children to take risks, how to face adversity, and how to handle failure. Overcoming challenges is a vital skill that helps children during the summer, throughout school, and for the rest of their lives.

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