A cruise, the vacation of a lifetime…

With a cruise, the world really is your oyster. A cruise offers the opportunity to visit some of the world's most breathtaking locations. From the rugged beauty of Alaska, Canada and New England, to the charm of Europe and the lush landscapes of Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, Bermuda, and the Bahamas.

Adventures you only could have dreamed of on exciting shore excursions over snow and sand, up mountains and along fjords. Excursions through the air, under and over the sea. city tours, and snoozing on the beach. For the best of both worlds, try a cruise tour, a combination of a cruise vacation and a land tour to the places a cruise ship can't get to.

Once you have chosen to take a cruise vacation, the hardest part is deciding where to go!

cruises destinations

Choose your dream destination…

Africa: Explore the Dark Continent. See wonderful wildlife on safari in Kenya, the incredible monuments of Egypt and the picturesque coasts of South Africa.

Alaska: Sail past awe-inspiring glaciers in the last frontier, a land of natural wonders, majestic wilderness and wildlife. See the unforgettable Northern Lights and the pristine landscapes of Glacier Bay from on-board ship.

Antarctica: A remote and untamed wildlife paradise and perhaps the world’s ultimate destination. Visit the home of curious penguins, leopard seals and elephant seals, where minke whales, humpbacks and orcas are sighted regularly. Cross the Drake Passage, explore the Antarctic Peninsula, the Falkland Islands, and South Georgia. Take a Zodiac cruise through the icebergs to set foot on the Antarctic continent.

Arctic: Cross the Arctic circle, be transported by Zodiac to luxuriant tundra, sail past breathtaking icebergs. Spot humpback, fin and minke whales, polar bears, narwhals and walrus. A delight for birdwatchers, with puffins, auks, guillemots. Sail the icy waters to Greenland, Iceland, up the Norwegian fjords… illuminated by the midnight sun.

Asia: Fascinating cultures, energetic cities, unique adventures, pagodas and palaces, exquisite natural beauty, and deep spiritual richness. Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, India, Indonesia, Bali… The list of exotic destinations is endless.

Australia and New Zealand: Cruise Down Under around Australia and New Zealand. Meet kangaroos and kiwis. Swim coral reefs, trek in the rainforest. The ideal destination during the Northern hemisphere winter: wedding in winter, jet off for your honeymoon cruise in summer!

Bahamas: With dozens of islands, the Bahamas invites you to swim, sail, snorkel or snooze on paradise island beaches.

Bermuda: Just 600 nautical miles off the coast of North Carolina, this island is known for its pastel-colored houses, lush gardens, pink sand beaches, cricket and the famous shorts to which it lends its name.

Canada and New England: Historic lighthouses, top-class cities, quaint cobblestone village streets. See the vibrant colors of Fall set against the backdrop of dramatic coastlines.

Caribbean: Over 5,000 islands and cays to explore. Snorkeling and swimming, shopping and golf, idyllic white beaches and turquoise waters. Blissful tranquility in the ultimate outdoor playground.


Hawaii and South Pacific: Perfect tropical islands in translucent waters, nature at her most serene and most extravagant, fiery volcanoes and cascading waterfalls, island culture.

Mediterranean Europe: Country-hop through the old continent. The fashion and museums of Paris, the food and passion of Italy, the ancient glories of Greece, the cosmopolitan coastal cities of Spain. Capitals of art and architecture, cathedrals and castles, ancient treasures and monuments. Fine food and wine at every turn.

Mexico: Mystical and modern Mexico, a land of ancient civilizations, pristine beaches and artisan villages. Sport fishing and shopping, underwater landscapes, crystal clear water and lively nightlife.

Middle East: Ancient history and dazzling modern cities in one cruise. Witness the lands where civilization began. Ancient wonders of the world, the Holy Land, the Pyramids, Dubai…

Northern Europe and the Baltic: Fairytale lands of kingdoms and czars, castles and palaces, fabled cities, regal heritage and ultra-modern design. The Arctic Circle and the midnight sun, the Emerald Isles, Scottish Islands…

Pacific Coast: Awe-inspiring natural beauty alongside bustling cosmopolitan cities: Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver…


Panama Canal: Cruise through a manmade wonder of the world, one of the most sophisticated marvels of engineering, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

South America: The wilds of Patagonia, cosmopolitan cities, steamy rainforests, sizzling beaches, extreme contrasts, and the vibrant rhythms of carnival, samba, salsa.

Transatlantic cruise: Sail off into the horizon on a cruise across the wide blue ocean. Savor the golden era of transatlantic travel in luxury and elegance.

World cruise: Take the ultimate round trip world cruise (which takes up to 110 days!) or go round the world in stages, taking in top destinations like Los Angeles, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cape Town, and London.

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