Three-star cruise lines

Three-star cruise lines

There are a wide range of cruise lines on the market offering something for everyone, depending on your age, interests, and price range, with five-star-plus ultra-deluxe cruises providing the height of elegance and luxury, to budget options which offer more limited facilities and services but good value. Here we focus on three-star cruise lines.

Standard three-star cruise ship lines offer passengers a good value for money cruise. Ships tend to be more crowded, with fewer amenities than four-star ships. Food is good, but with less variety, and crews work hard for the comfort of passengers, but there is less personalized service.

Three-star cruises are popular with young families and younger people in general, but are suitable for all ages. Itineraries tend to be in more popular areas such as the Caribbean.

Some examples of three-star cruise lines:

Carnival Cruise Line has the largest fleet of ships at sea, and is considered the most popular cruise line in the world. Carnival ships have Las Vegas style décor, with a vast range of services and facilities. Carnival cruises are popular with young passengers, and offer action-packed cruises ranging from 2 to 8 days. Destinations include the Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii, and the West Coast.

Disney Cruise Line offers cruise/tour packages with a visit to Disney World in Florida, and special theme cruises. There are extensive children’s programs on board, and the large, modern ships are 100% family friendly. Each of the three main dining rooms has its own cuisine and Disney-themed décor, and entertainment is good and varied, with Broadway style productions and a large movie theater.

Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the world’s major cruise lines, offering excellent entertainment and diverse onboard activities for a mainly young and active clientele. One popular innovation on NCL ships is “freestyle cruising”, where passengers can dine whenever they wish, just like at an ordinary restaurant. On-board spas and sports facilities are excellent.

Orient Lines specializes in cruise-tours, offering some very interesting itineraries. Cruises are destination-oriented, with pre- and post-cruise hotel stays in major cities in Europe, Southeast Asia, Australasia, South American, India and Africa, as well as Antarctica.

Royal Caribbean International offers large, impeccable ships that offer a resort experience at sea. There are many onboard activities and Las Vegas-style entertainment, and the line appeals to a good mix of passengers. They are a leader in the Caribbean but also cruise in areas such as Europe and Alaska.

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