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The word “cruise” is generally understood as a vacation on board a ship which is effectively a floating hotel, but there is a whole array of cruises available depending on your age, interests, traveling companions, and the destination you have in mind. Here is a selection:

Adult party cruises are for adults only, and offer wild, hedonistic fun for those aged 18+. They are popular for bachelor and bachelorette parties, with short 2 or 3 night cruises to Mexico or the Caribbean being popular options. They are also a great choice for birthdays, anniversaries and college spring breaks. Concert cruises with famous rock stars are perfect for music fans.

Adventure or expedition cruises are an exciting alternative for travelers who are looking for adventure in remote destinations rich in wildlife and stunning natural landscapes. The vessel is usually much smaller than a mainstream cruise ship. Guests are offered a program of lectures, shore excursions, discussions, and film screenings. Typical destinations are Antarctica, the Arctic, the Galapagos Islands, and the Amazon River.

Christian cruises offer cruise vacations for singles, couples and families in a Christian atmosphere, with Christian speakers, singers, and even comedians. Passengers can spend the days at Christian seminars and Bible classes, and then enjoy the luxurious dining and leisure facilities on board the ship. There are even women-only Christian cruises, offering spirituality combined with pampering and female bonding.

Cruises to nowhere offer a chance to get away for a few days making the most of all the facilities onboard the ship and life at sea, without actually traveling anywhere at all! For example, Carnival Cruises offer 2 or 3 day cruises from New York, Vancouver, Virginia and San Diego.


Family cruises are designed to cater for the needs of families with children of all ages from babies to teens. Many ships offer a fabulous selection of activities and facilities so that children of all ages can enjoy their vacation, and their parents too! Disney Cruise Line is perhaps the most-family oriented cruise line around, with a total family atmosphere and a focus on the magic of Disney.

Gay and lesbian cruises are becoming increasingly popular, with travel companies chartering ships from major cruise lines to offer all gay cruises. Several companies offer cruises and vacations organized specifically for gay and lesbian singles, couples and families, with an emphasis on families.

Gospel cruises focus on the musical message of gospel singing, concerning God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. The cruises are designed to match your taste in music and your dream destination, offering a retreat with Christian fellowship and “singing at sea”.


Honeymoon cruises are the perfect way for couples to relax and unwind after their wedding. Cruise lines offer honeymoon packages designed especially for newlywed couples, with extras like spa treatments, couple massages, in-cabin breakfasts, champagne and flowers, all designed to add to the romantic mood.

Luxury cruises have the edge over mainstream ships in terms of the level of service, food and entertainment, as well as the destinations, passengers and the ships themselves. Luxury cruises offer the height of sophistication and elegance in a more formal atmosphere than a traditional cruise. The biggest difference is found in the price: a luxury cruise can cost two or three times more than a similar voyage with a mainstream cruise line.

Repositioning cruises are a great deal for travelers who can be flexible with their travel plans. Cruise lines need to move ships from one part of the world to another during the change in season, and often offer discounted one-way cruises. For instance, you cruise from Alaska to Hawaii, and fly back home from Hawaii. The ship makes fewer stops at ports, and more days are spent at sea, great for people who want to relax and enjoy the facilities onboard.

Singles cruises are a great way for single people to make new friends, form new relationships, and perhaps even meet the love of their life, whilst enjoying a cruise vacation. These cruises are often organized by groups such as churches and professional associations, with the intention of offering a safe atmosphere in which to meet like-minded people. Most singles cruises are onboard a regular cruise ship which offers the usual range of activities, with special activities such as meet-and-mingle mixers, dances, dinners and games being organized for the singles.


Theme cruises offer informative onboard lectures and demonstrations along with optional shore excursions. Possible themes include food and wine, history, science, music, golf, theater, natural history, sport… Expert speakers bring their subject alive on these exciting specialist cruises. Other theme cruises include polka cruises for lovers of the dance,

Wedding cruises offer couples a memorable and romantic wedding without all of the stress of organizing a traditional wedding. Cruise lines provide wedding coordinators who can arrange everything down to the last detail. Some ships even have a wedding chapel! Remember that the wedding ceremony must be performed in the US departure port, and a ship’s captain cannot officiate. A popular destination for a wedding cruise is Hawaii.

World cruises are the last word in cruise vacations. The first world cruise was offered by Cunard Cruise Line in 1922. Passengers visit somewhere between 35 to 45 ports on four continents over a period of between three and four months, and are often offered overnight shore excursions to give them a chance to explore destinations in more depth. Cruise lines which offer world cruises are generally known for elegance and luxury.

X-rated: Adult lifestyle cruises are certainly not for the fainthearted… They are designed for sexually adventurous passengers who are into activities such as naturism, wife swapping and swinging in a sexy and erotic atmosphere where clothing is often optional.

And not forgetting Christmas cruises, Thanksgiving cruises, New Year’s Eve cruises, weekend cruises, lake cruises, dinner cruises, pirate cruises, private cruises, yacht cruises, last minute cruises, day cruises, cruises for the over 50s…

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