Choosing colors: spring, summer, fall or winter?

You may want to play safe and wear that familiar little black dress yet again, but why not try out some different colors that are more flattering to your eye color, skin color and hair color?

Hair color is a good starting point for choosing which colors are right for you, but the best way to decide which colors to wear is to decide which season most describes your skin tone. Are you spring, summer, fall or winter? Analyze the undertones of your skin and your hair and eye color before deciding which colors you should choose to flatter your complexion and season.

Spring complexions have a golden undertone, with creamy white or peach-colored skin. These people usually have straw-colored or strawberry red hair, blue or green eyes, and rosy-toned cheeks.

You should wear: warm colors such as peach, golden yellow and golden brown.
You should avoid: dull, dark colors.


Summer complexions have pink or blue undertones, with pale pink skin. These people are often natural blondes, or brunettes with pale-colored eyes.

You should wear: soft pastels and neutrals with rose pink and blue undertones, like lavender, plum, rose, soft blue, and light earth tones.
You should avoid: black and orange.


Fall (autumn) complexions have golden undertones. These people are usually redheads or brunettes with golden-brown eyes.

You should wear: colors with golden undertones like camel, beige, orange, gold and chocolate brown, and rich earth tones.
You should avoid: colors with blue tones, such as navy blue.


Winter complexions have blue or pink undertones, as do summer complexions. These people have dark, pale white or olive skin, and are usually brunettes with dark eyes. Many African Americans and Asians are included in this season.

You should wear: stark and clear colors like white, black, navy blue, red and hot pink, and icy-toned pastels.
You should avoid: soft pastel tones, and tones like beige, orange and gold.


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