Choosing lingerie as a gift


A man’s guide to purchasing lingerie for his lady

Gentlemen, we want to let you in on a few secrets: Purchasing lingerie for the special lady in your life is a very romantic gesture, but it could go horribly wrong if you do not accept a little advice. It is often difficult to know where to start, so we recommend visiting a store that provides personalized assistance and expert advice.

Before setting foot in a store, we recommend you discreetly take a look in your partner’s lingerie drawer to get an idea of the size, color and style she may like. Jot down the sizes of her favorite lingerie, and she will be very impressed when you buy the right size. Look at the label and go along to the store where she shops for lingerie.

OK, so you’ve got the size right, but what about the style? Generally speaking, the idea is to find the middle ground between practical (read: boring) and too suggestive (read: bad taste). Look for lingerie that is pretty and feminine, but at the same time sexy. You want to make your partner feel good about herself, but not make her feel uncomfortable with ultra-raunchy styles (unless you are confident of her tastes, of course…).

A discreet piece of advice…

If she only wears high-waisted panties, we can pretty much guarantee she will not thank you for a G-string, however much you would like her to wear one. Choose a gift in the style she likes, but in glamorous fabrics like silk and lace.

It also helps to look at her wardrobe to see what colors she most wears. If she wears a lot of black, you cannot go wrong choosing black lingerie, but if she prefers pretty pastel colors, pick light pastel colors or white. Does she like flowers? Lace? Use your imagination and follow the clues.

You should also think about what kind of clothes she wears. Does she wear tight-fitting outfits or looser, more comfortable clothes? Plunging necklines or more modest styles?

And if you don’t get it right…

When you purchase a gift of lingerie, check that the store accepts returns or exchanges, and ask for a gift receipt. If she does change it, don’t be offended. Buying lingerie is very personal for a woman and although she is sure to be flattered that you have made the effort, it is difficult to get it right every time however much research you have put in.

The subliminal message behind buying lingerie for your partner is that you hope to see her in it, so choose something that you would like but which will also make her feel very special. Sounds like a win win situation!

Take a look at our comprehensive guide to bras, panties, and lingerie before shopping.

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