Floral arrangements and displays

craspediaWhen designing floral arrangements and displays and decorating your home or event you will come across an incredible choice of dried and preserved foliage, fruits, pods, flowers, grasses and branches, some of which you may never have heard of before now, that will add great accents to your arrangements.

Let your imagination and creativity run free! Or choose the materials you like and leave the design and creation to the professionals. Whatever you decide to do, you are sure to find inspiration here.

If you cannot find these items locally, all of them can be sourced online, for example from a company like Nettleton Hollow.

Some of the materials available for making floral displays and arrangements:

Dried flowers add great color and sometimes fragrance to your floral displays and arrangements.

Foliage adds natural color accents to your floral displays and arrangements, and serves to fill spaces within the arrangement.

Decorative branches dramatically enhance spaces ranging from a side-table or bookshelf to a grand atrium.

Dried grasses provide an attractive, soft accent in tall centerpieces and small displays.

Fruits and pods make fantastic small accents, whether in a vase, tray or displayed alone. 


Photo and inspiration from: Nettleton Hollow

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