Flowers for floral arrangements and displays

When designing floral arrangements and displays and decorating your home or event you will come across an incredible choice of dried and preserved flowers, foliage, branches, grasses, fruits and pods add great accents to your arrangements, some of which you may never have heard of before now!

Why stick to the traditional, choose something a little different and let your imagination and creativity run free! Or choose the materials you like and leave the design and creation to the professionals.

Whatever you decide to do, you are sure to find inspiration here.

If you cannot find these items locally, all of them can be sourced online, for example from Nettleton Hollow.

Different types of dried flowers

Dried flowers add great color and sometimes fragrance to your floral displays and arrangements. They are sometimes dyed for added vibrancy of color.

For a classic look, how about English dried lavender?

For something more exotic, try protea repens or craspedia.

For lasting color, flowers like protea repens and hanging amaranthus are a good choice.



These brightly dyed flowers look great displayed en masse, or as bright punctuation among other items.

This is a great choice to add a colorful accent to small displays.



Craspedia are related to daisies and are native to Australia and New Zealand. With their cheery yellow, round flowerheads, they can be displayed alone, or combined with other items for an interesting centerpiece.

This is a great choice to add a a colorful accent to small displays.


English dried lavender

English dried lavender has deeply colored flowers on short stems. It looks great in a short pot, hung on a wall or laid casually in a basket.

This is a great choice for a free-standing or small display, and to add a fragrant accent.


French dried lavender

French dried lavender has tightly spaced flowers on stout stems. The color is a little more muted than that of English dried lavender. It can be used as a free-standing display or in a vase or other container.

With its fragrance of fresh hay and pine, Lavendula has been used for at least 2,500 years, and most people are familiar with its scent, reputed to have a calming effect. It was once considered capable of warding off the plague.

This is a great choice for free-standing or small displays, and to give a fragrant accent.


Hanging amaranthus

Hanging amaranthus adds intriguing form and vibrant color to a display, with a fantastic dripping look that will add a whole new element to your arrangement. Amaranthus can be red or green.

This is a great choice for draping displays, tropical themes and to add an unusual floral accent.



Heather has the small bell-like flowers typical of the plant family, which includes manzanita and blueberries.

It is a good choice for small displays and to add a subtle floral accent.



This flower from South Africa makes an attractive small accent.

It is a great choice for small displays and to give a subtle floral accent.


Protea repens

Protea repens is known as “Sugarbush” in southern Africa due to its copious nectar production. For 200 years this was the national flower of South Africa. The stiff petals overlap like a bird’s feathers, producing a distinctive geometric pattern, and the bright red color can draw an eye from across a room.

With its vibrant color this is a great choice for small displays and to add an unusual floral accent.


Purple statice sinuate

Statice is a classic dried flower that maintains its color and form very well. Display statice in a modern vase for a contemporary look, or put into an antique-style container for a more traditional looking display.

This is a great choice to add a colorful accent to small displays.

Photos and inspiration from: Nettleton Hollow

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