Foliage for floral arrangements and displays

When designing floral arrangements and displays and decorating your home or event you will come across an incredible choice of dried and preserved flowers, foliage, branches, grasses, fruits and pods add great accents to your arrangements, some of which you may never have heard of before now!

Why stick to the traditional, choose something a little different and let your imagination and creativity run free! Or choose the materials you like and leave the design and creation to the professionals.

Whatever you decide to do, you are sure to find inspiration here.

If you cannot find these items locally, all of them can be sourced online, for example from Nettleton Hollow.

Different types of foliage

Foliage adds natural color accents to your floral displays and arrangements, and serves to fill spaces within the arrangement. It is sometimes dyed, bleached or preserved.



Equisetum (snake grass)

Equisetum is commonly referred to as scouring rush or snake grass. It belongs to one of the oldest plant families on earth, existing since before the dinosaurs. The jointed stems are reminiscent of bamboo and are attractive on their own or interspersed with sarracenia.

This is a great choice for small displays and unique centerpieces.



Eucalyptus branches are dyed and preserved to maintain their color and pliability.

This is a great choice for fragrant displays and unique centerpieces.


Magnolia leaves

Dyed and preserved Southern magnolia leaves (Magnolia grandiflora) make fantastic accents. These leaves are quite leathery and durable, and can be used in wreaths and garlands, or scattered across a surface.

With their vibrant color they are a great choice for small displays and for use as a filler.



Preserved myrtle stems look great displayed alone or with other items such as twisted willow. Native to the Mediterranean region, myrtle is mentioned in Greek mythology, and is one of the plants used in the Jewish festival of Sukkot. It is also traditionally carried in the bouquets of English royal brides.

This is a great choice for small displays and for use as a filler.


Oak leaves

Dyed and preserved oak leaves are a classic fall accent.

They are a great choice for voluminous displays, evoking fall, and to add vibrant color.


Parchment fern

Dyed and preserved parchment fern fronds have the classic form and lacy borders associated with ferns.

This is a great choice for small displays and decorating items such as frames or cards.


Reindeer moss

Reindeer moss is usually dyed light green and preserved to give a soft, springy feel. It is a great choice for dressing up the top of a container or as an accent elsewhere in an arrangement.

This is a great choice for small displays and to add accents to an arrangement.



Salal foliage has a leathery feel and is native to the Pacific Northwest.

With its vibrant color this is a great choice for small displays and for use as a filler.



The plant from which this type of foliage was developed, Sarracenia leucophylla, is native to Florida and Alabama. The modified leaves, from which the common name of pitcher plant derives, are used to capture insects. Sarracenia’s distinctive form and interesting colors make it very appealing in arrangements.

This is a great choice for small displays and unique centerpieces.


Willow eucalyptus

Willow eucalyptus branches are preserved to maintain pliability and dyed to the color of fresh branches.

This is a great choice for small displays, a rich color and for use as a filler.

Photos and inspiration from: Nettleton Hollow

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