Fruits and pods for floral arrangements and displays

When designing floral arrangements and displays and decorating your home or event you will come across an incredible choice of dried and preserved flowers, foliage, branches, grasses, fruits and pods add great accents to your arrangements, some of which you may never have heard of before now!

Why stick to the traditional, choose something a little different and let your imagination and creativity run free! Or choose the materials you like and leave the design and creation to the professionals.

Whatever you decide to do, you are sure to find inspiration here.

If you cannot find these items locally, all of them can be sourced online, for example from Nettleton Hollow.

Different types of fruits and pods

Fruits and pods make fantastic small accents, whether in a vase, tray or displayed alone.

For the kitchen or dining room, dried artichokes, split oranges and chili peppers are a great choice.

For an exotic accent, consider thika pods, elephant ear pods, mintola balls or lotus pods.



Decorative hops

While hops are best known for their role in beer production, they also make an interesting accent.

Decorative hops have a distinctive odor or fragrance that will diminish over time, however not everyone enjoys the aroma of hops.

They are a great choice for small displays and for use as a filler.


Dried artichokes

Artichokes originated in the Mediterranean region, where the first documented use of the unopened flower bud appeared in Naples, Italy, in around 1400. Dried artichokes look great displayed simply in a bowl or tray. Tuck them into a shelf alongside some cookbooks for a clever accent.

They are a great choice for filling a decorative bowl, in small displays, and are ideal for a kitchen or dining room.


Elephant ear pods

Elephant ear pods feel like curls of wood and are exceptionally hard and durable. The name describes the appearance of these pods perfectly! They are from the tree Xylia xylocarpa that grows from India through Southeast Asia. Place in a tray or scatter across a table.

They are a great choice for filling a large bowl, for use as a unique hanging accent, and to make unusual centerpieces.


Lotus pods

The lotus is a sacred symbol in both Hinduism and Buddhism, making it a great choice for Asian themes and atmospheres.

They are a great choice for evoking an Asian feel, filling an empty tray and as unusual centerpieces.


Mintola pods

With their gorgeous striated surface, mintola pods are ideal for filling a bowl or tall glass cylinder.

They are a great choice for filling a large bowl and to make unusual centerpieces.


Okra stalks

Dried okra stalks have an intriguing form that makes a great accent and add interest to a display.

They are a great choice for compact centerpieces and to decorate a kitchen or dining room.


Palm spathes

Palm spathes make a fantastic accent arranged in a container or simply scattered on a surface. These large pods from India are an interesting accent and provide the basis for clever displays such as miniature dioramas.

They are a great choice for small displays and to add a unique accent.


Ram’s head pods

These fascinating pods evoke a primitive sculpture of a ram's head, and look rather like octopus tentacles.

They are a great choice for a unique small accent and for clever marine displays.


Split oranges

These real oranges have a wonderful fragrance. Slits along the sides of the oranges allow them to dry and add visual interest. Either the ripe orange fruit or the green immature fruit can be used.

They are a great choice for small displays in a kitchen or dining room and to evoke an Asian feel.


Sugar pinecones

The sugar pine of the US West Coast produces the longest pinecones of any conifer. The name comes from the reportedly sweet resin the tree produces.

These enormous pinecones make a bold, woodsy statement. Simply place them on a flat surface, put them in a glass cylinder, or hang them. They often have pitch on them so be careful where they are placed.

They are a great choice for rustic displays and to add unique accents.


Thika pods

Thika pods have a smooth surface that looks like it has been varnished, with scales like those of a pinecone. Place them on a small tray, or drop them into a jar.They are a great choice for use in small clear glass vases and to add an unusual accent.

They are a great choice for rustic displays and to add unique accents.

Photos and inspiration from: Nettleton Hollow

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