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Mailing list

An automatically distributed email message on a particular topic going to certain individuals.


Additional ad impressions which are negotiated in order to make up for the shortfall of ads delivered versus the commitments outlined in the approved insertion order.

M commerce

Mobile commerce, the ability to conduct monetary transactions via a mobile device, such as a WAP enabled cell phone.

Micro sites

Multi page ads accessed via click through from initial ad. The user stays on the publisher’s website, but has access to more information from the advertiser than a display ad allows.


Form of online video ad placement where the ad is played during a break in the middle of the content video. See Preroll and Postroll.

MIME (Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions)

A method of encoding a file for delivery over the Internet.


A device which transfers digital signals to analog signals and vice versa suitable for sending across phone or cable lines.

Moore's Law

A key observation regarding the growth in computer power experienced over the past several decades. Gordon Moore of Intel stated that the speed of semiconductor processors doubles every 18 months. So far this has remained true.


The process by which a user places his/her mouse over a media object, without clicking. The mouse may need to remain still for a specified amount of time to initiate some actions.


Codec most commonly used for digital music online. Generic term for any digital music file, regardless of codec used to create or play it.


1) The file format that is used to compress and transmit movies or video clips online; 2) standards set by the Motion Picture Exports Group for video media.



A term that is used to describe the informal rules of conduct ("do's and don'ts") of online behavior.


An electronic bulletin board devoted to talking about a specific topic and open to everybody. Only a handful of newsgroups permit the posting of advertising.

Non-registered user

Someone who visits a website and elects not to, or is not required to, provide certain information, and hence may be denied access to part(s) of the site.

Non-qualifying page impressions

Page impressions which should be excluded from traffic or measurement reports, such as unsuccessful transfers of requested documents, successful transfers of requested documents to a robot or spider, and/or pages in a frame set. See frames.


Off-site measurement

When a site forwards its log files to an off-site Web research service for analysis.


The ability to request video, audio, or information to be sent to the screen immediately by clicking something on the screen referring to that choice.

On-site measurement

When a server has an appropriate software program to measure and analyze traffic received on its own site.


Refers to an individual giving a company permission to use data collected from or about the Individual for a particular reason, such as to market the company's products and services.

Opt-in email

Lists of Internet users who have voluntarily signed up to receive commercial email about topics of interest.


When a company states that it plans to market its products and services to an individual unless the individual asks to be removed from the company's mailing list.

OTS (Opportunity to See)

Same as page display when a page is successfully displayed on the user's computer screen.

Source: Interactive Advertising Bureau