Honeymoon in Morocco

Comfort and relaxation

Rest, serenity and calm… You will find them all without any trouble in a comfortable hotel, a riad, a vacation village or a vacation complex.

Welcome home

By the pool

You are quite right to want comfort and calm. It is traditional in Morocco to welcome every guest as a VIP. In Marrakech, Fez or Rabat, in a riad, the traditional homes with an internal courtyard, or a hotel equipped with a vast swimming pool, we will reserve for you the finest welcome whatever the type of accommodation selected. We would like to welcome you as friends for a mint tea accompanied by a delicate pastry.

Curiosity and peace

Set off on a stress-free tour of our authentic old cities, Marrakech and Fez. Move easily from the comfort of your hotel, whether Moroccan or a member of an international chain, onto shopping, to unearth gifts and souvenirs to decorate your home. Another possibility is sunbathing on one of our unspoilt beaches in Agadir, Saidia, Asilah or Essaouira.

Art and refinement

Moroccan restaurantThe interior design of our hotels always makes a lot of room for the excellence of Moroccan craftsmanship. This will show you how alive our culture is: the abundance of pottery, iron or copperwork, not to mention our local produce and its delicious cuisine.

Cozy comfort

All Moroccan establishments, whether simple or luxury, offer a service which is tailored to your desire to relax in the utmost comfort. Every category of hotel offers solutions to your expectation of a relaxing vacation.

Welcome and Hospitality

TeatimeEven far from the crowds and the well-trodden paths, meeting people is easy and hospitality is a byword. Moroccan hospitality is no myth. From your arrival and your first mint tea, you will be won over by the care which surrounds you.

A fantastic welcome

In Morocco, travelers are welcomed as friends. Everything is therefore organized and done to ensure your stay goes smoothly. For cultural excursions or to laze on the beach, quality activities are organized to ensure you are totally comfortable.

A pace to suit everyone

Lounging on the beach, sport, shopping or even a scenic excursion – everyone can choose a timetable to suit them. We have planned it so that everyone can do what they want quite simply and without any stress.

Comfort and well-being

Your future vacation destination, hotel or riad (the famous Moroccan palaces with internal gardens), is fully equipped for your relaxation and well-being – whether you are alone, in a couple or with your family. We will organize your trip professionally so that your activities, your days out and your purchases can be carried out easily and free of stress. You can also opt for a club package with events and shows in the evenings.

Moroccan couscous

Guaranteed organization

 So as not to waste time and better plan how your days are organized, all practical information about the duration of excursions or meals will be provided. We are well aware that vacation time is precious and must not be wasted. Here, waiting times are reduced as much as possible and responses to your questions are fast and accurate.

Urban and rural meetings

A walk in the Atlas mountains, a stroll through the old streets of the imperial cities, a méharée (camel ride) in the south: every journey is an opportunity to meet Moroccans. Intellectuals, craftsmen, artists or simple farmers, they are always interested in sharing their life. Moroccans will never tire of demonstrating to you that Moroccan hospitality is taken very seriously.

Living culture

Town or village, wherever you are at dusk, you can meet story-tellers and animal trainers. Here, popular culture is always thrilling. Attend a "fantasia": listen to horses' hooves beating the earth to feel and understand the energy of this typical Maghreb equestrian event. Genuine exoticism in Morocco means being welcomed by somebody you meet, the tradition of openness and sharing, mutual enrichment and shared emotion…

A beach to yourself

On the Atlantic or the Mediterranean, you will have no trouble tracking down an unspoilt beach where you will taste the joy of swimming and sunbathing far from the crowds. With some luck and patience, if you love unspoilt nature, you will see herons and pink flamingoes. Perhaps you will even see killer whales off Essaouira!

Unique experiences

Abandon the well-trodden tracks and join traditional celebrations where you will be sincerely invited to share the simple life of Moroccans.

Celebrations for everyone

Tissint folklore

In Morocco, discover the moussems, which are both religious celebrations and market fairs. They take place throughout the year, all around Morocco. The most well known are those for betrothals in Imilchil, or the one in Kelaa M’Gouna's famous Valley of the Roses. For Moroccans, this is an opportunity to catch up with people who live far away, to meet up, to trade, to tell each other about what has been happening during the year. Immerse yourself in this unforgettable and picturesque atmosphere, these authentic slices of a very simple life…

Observing and sharing

The great imperial cities all have their markets, which go on all day from early morning. Watch the faces entranced by a storyteller, be entertained by a mischievous little monkey holding out its begging bowl, be thrilled by the snake-charmers. A glance is enough to make friends… And take advantage of the cafes to share a simple and delicious meal with your new friends.In the nomads' tents

Unexpected pleasures

In Er-Rachidia, on the way to the pink dunes, you will be surprised to taste a delicious home-made yoghurt, so fresh on this sun-drenched road. It will be delicately flavored with rose or cinnamon. Taste this little unexpected miracle and, if you ever return, you will be sure to be easily recognized: in Morocco, meetings are not superficial. 


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