Honeymoon in Sao Tome & Principe

Welcome to the exotic and beautiful islands of São Tomé and Principe.

Like no other islands in the Atlantic Ocean, Sao Tome seems to embody a kind of lush tropical paradise usually associated with the South Pacific. The atmosphere here is palpably luxury and it is an intoxicating blend of sunlight, sea, air and fantastically abundant vegetation.


The beaches in São Tomé and Principe are far from crowded. The coast has a lot of beaches, with almost no people. You might see a fisherman going out to sea, but thats about it. If you like to have a beach for yourself, this is the right place for you. 

Bird watching

Big bird

São Tome is not only a pleasant place for tourists, but also for a lot of birds. Specialists has sighted over 135 species in 40 families on the islands. Most variety of birds will be found in the southern part of the São Toméan island, but also on the island of Principe where parrots still live free in the jungle.

Boat trips

Sailing boat

Take a day to explore the beautiful coastline by boat. Both sailing boats and speed boats are available. Along the way you may see dolphins playing around the boat and even whales.

Boca de Inferno

Boca de Inferno

A couple of miles south of São Tome you will find Boca de Inferno, Hell's mouth. It is a natural phenomenon caused when the waves finds their way in to a narrow ravine that ends in a cave with a hole in the roof. The water is then forced up through the hole and creates a cascade of water that shoots up into the air. It is a very dramatic scene when the big waves hits the black cliffs.

Cascata São Nicolãu

Cascata São Nicolãu

A couple of miles up in the mountains you will find Cascata São Nicolãu, Saint Nikolaus waterfall. Its a beautiful waterfall that seems to come right out of a wall of jungle.

Illhue das Rolas

Equator at Illhue das Rolas

This small beautiful island is situated south of the Sao Tome island. On the island you will find very beautiful beaches and a monument physically pointing out the equator that is crossing the island.

Scuba diving

Diving picture

Experience the fantastic underwater world around the coasts. The warm and clear waters are filled with fish and other interesting creatures like muraenas, octopuses, and green sea turtles.


Through the months of July to October Humpback whales visit the waters around São Tomé as they move from their summer feeding grounds in low latitudes to more tropical mating and calving areas. 


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