Honeymoon in Sierra Leone

Welcome to Sierra Leone, a home away from home

From the tropical paradise of the rain forests with its breathtaking landscape, numerous waterfalls, mysterious lakes, splendid hills and mountains to the beautiful unspoilt beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, Sierra Leone also offers the discerning visitors her rich heritage, history and culture that blends with modernity where sophistication happily co-exists with nature to create a unique harmonious ambience.

Come to Sierra Leone and experience the friendliness and hospitality of the people. Come and explore the natural beauty of Sierra Leone through the interesting tours and sample our selected hotels, guest houses, and resorts renowned for their high quality standards and services that compliment the scenic beauty of an undiscovered paradise in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

01-028_lumley beach549We welcome you to Sierra Leone that offers you the freedom to explore its beauty, charm, uniqueness and traditions.

Things to do

The Latan Festival

The Latan Festival also known as Latan Parade is one of the country’s most celebrated events.

It is a yearly event organized during Independence anniversaries (April). This event has historic, cultural and religious significance. Historically, it portrays artifacts and activities of the slave trade, colonialism, and the nomy, the attainment of independence and statute of important figures as well as Sierra Leoneans. The festival also blends culture through arts and craft, music and harmonizes religious tolerance.

Tangains Festival

This festival is normally organized by the Freetong Players. It is celebrated yearly during the festive season of December. This event brings the past into the present wherein, Sierra Leoneans are seen in attires worn during the pre-colonial and the colonial eras. Culture is also displayed. Experience the richness of Sierra Leone’s culture.


Various masquerades are organized throughout the country especially at the end of festive periods such as Eid Ul Adha, New Year and Easter holidays. These Masquerades attract famous groups such Paddle, Obasai, Bloody Mary to name a few.

Recreational activities

Recreational facilities are available at the Freetown Golf Club, Hill Station Club, Young Sportsmen Club, the National Stadium and Aqua Sports Club all in Freetown. Squash and Tennis courts with a resident pro, who offer lessons. Temporary membership is available for visitors.


Boating is part of Sierra Leone’s vast coastline activity. Aqua sports club provides an organized and supervised boating. You could cruise along the Sierra Leone River and also explore and experience the many coves along the coastline. Make sure you patronize the local people with their dugout canoes with hand paddles.


Want to swim? With the long stretches of white and golden sandy beaches dotted along the entire coastal line of Sierra Leone, you are assured of an assortment of choice. Sierra Leone offers calm, quiet, warm and clean waters and also ideal for strong wavy surfs. Some Hotels have swimming pools.

You just need to make your choice. You can also choose between ocean and pool swimming whichever way; there are enough platforms for tanning. Grocery shops offer tanning lotions as part of their wares.

Eco-activities: Freetown and the Peninsula

15 minutes by boat from Kent beach and an hour from Freetown. The Island is located in the South west of Freetown. The Island is most popular for Game Fishing & Snorkelling. It is endowed with historic artefacts and buildings.

Facilities - Eco-tourist lodge facilities, restaurant and bar are available at the Island.

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary (Wildlife) - Established to rescue orphaned and captured chimps, the facilities expanded to encompass two large reserves. Come and watch these animals in their natural habitat.

Facilities - eco lodge accommodation


Some of the rare marine life can be found in Sierra Leone. From Lobster to Shrimps, Crab to Catfish, Barracuda to Salmon, just name it. Deep-sea fishing is popular. There is also a form of fishing called beach casting. Shrimps are local favorite known as Crayfish. You could get them from local fishermen or the restaurants.

Areas like Tombo, Goderich, Funkia, Banana Water around Murray Town and Konakri-Dee near Lungi Airport are renowned fishing Villages that should be visited. Tarpoon Fishing is also available in Bonthe which has high quality accommodation and other facilities.


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