Honeymoon in Antigua & Barbuda

Your Caribbean honeymoon

There are some occasions in our lives which to us are very special.

Making these occasions truly memorable may take long months of planning to ensure that everything is just right. This is especially so when it comes to selecting the right place for a honeymoon or even a good place to get married.

Located in the heart of the Caribbean, Antigua is a striking example of a harmonious mixture of old and new-century-old historical sites just minutes away from modern day shopping malls; quaint, brightly colored houses alongside spacious architect designed homes; and old converted sugar mills now used as island style restaurants.

But the island's history and charm are by no means the only things which Antigua & Barbuda has to offer for your special vacation. You will discover Islanders to be amongthe most colorful people you'll find anywhere.


Listen to the language (it's English, of course) hear the laughter and feel yourself relax. Enjoy the best in fine dining. From traditional local dishes to international nouvelle cuisine there is something to tempt, tease and tickle each and every palate. These are all a part of the island's flavor.


antigua y barbuda honeymoonBook your trip to Antigua & Barbuda

Several tour operators offer a choice of holiday packages to Antigua & Barbuda and those can be bought from any professional travel agency.

Watch for special "land only" and "wedding and honeymoon" packages being offered by select properties on the island. These can be reserved by your travel agent.

The Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Offices would be happy to offer you or your travel agent, information and additional suggestions with regard to making arrangements for your "Big Day" in Antigua & Barbuda. Maps, general information and the brochures on various hotels can also be provided on request.


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